Nicole & Service Dog Murray

I think my most favorite moment is when I first came home with Murray. My daughter, who was nine at the time, for the last two years has been helping me take off my shoes and take off my socks and put them on, and pick things up off the floor, and hence, never able to be a regular child.  The first night I brought Murray home I dropped something on the floor and she came and I looked in her eyes and I told her I was okay.  And she had this big smile on her face because she said to me "I can go play?  I can go play a game and I don't have to worry?"  I told her, no, I was fine.  That was my first special moment that made me realize how special NEADS was.  And every day as my disease progresses I also realize the wonderful things that they teach these dogs, and I still have my independence and my dignity thanks to what NEADS has offered. -- Nicole

(November, 2013)