Jodi & Service Dog Max

"My last service dog passed away in April, 2009, after working together with me for 11 years. Her name was Maxine. The day I was told my new service dog's name was Max, it was Maxine's way of saying I'm watching over you. Since Max and I have been home together, Max has learned to turn on and off the kitchen light. He cannot wait until my shoes are removed so he can tug my socks off. We have a kiss prior to bed. Max is a very sensitive young lab. He knows when I'm going to fall before I do, even though I can never remember the command I'm supposed to use, brace. One cannot explain the innate force that lives inside him. Max and I are no longer two, but a seamless team of two. I thank you at NEADS for keeping this wonderful organization running."

(June, 2010)