Suzanne Woolston Bossert and Maestro

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Suzanne is a mother, writer, youth coach, and Protestant ordained minister. Suzanne is interested in the myriad ways ministry happens outside church walls, and is eager to embark on a new partnership of pastoral care with a NEADS Service Dog for Therapy. Suzanne states: “I believe animals can offer a loving, non-judgmental, sacred presence to the ordinary world, which can transcend religious differences.” Suzanne believes NEADS dogs can provide significant comfort to those facing life’s dark moments of challenge in hospital rooms, hospice, prisons, and nursing homes.  Suzanne says, “I hope people from far and wide join me in collaborating with NEADS to bring another very special dog to the world as a messenger of God’s care and love.” 

Additionally, Suzanne is fundraising for a NEADS dog to honor her late sister, Lori Woolston Finley. Lori raised guide dog puppies in South Carolina for many years before her untimely death in 2010. Lori’s bright spirit and passionate love for these special dogs remains an enduring legacy and light.