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Meet Anelise. She came into this world with the gift of JOY. She is an enthusiastic, hard working young girl who radiates positivity and captures the hearts of all who spend time with her. While Anelise is most often seen smiling, she does have a myriad of challenges in her every day life that most folks just take for granted. To bring a specifically trained social dog into her experience will offer tremendous improvement in: social situations, independence, confidence and overall well being. Perhaps most importantly, this companion offers her unconditional LOVE and provides her with special attention anytime she is needing it. A NEADS dog will greatly soften the moments of overwhelment that Anelise experiences on a regular basis, and will bring her back to her JOY!

Jonah is a loving 16 year old boy who loves to be around people. He has many medical challenges including Cystic Fibrosis and Mitochondrial Myopathy. Jonah requires daily medical treatments, multiple medications and his diseases impact his daily life in many ways. His lungs, liver, intestines, brain, and muscles are all involved. Jonah loves to take walks but suffers with fatigue and muscle pain. He takes daily breathing treatments and chest therapy along with weekly IV fluids.

Nathan is a sixteen year old high functioning autistic. In 2005 he was matched with his first NEADS dog Meeko. Meeko not only provided constant companionship but taught Nathan responsibility, empathy and the ability to connect with others. She lowered his anxiety level by helping him to focus and not be distracted by sensory overload.

Meet Thekla. She is a sweet, strong, hard working 8 year old little girl. She has loved animals, especially dogs and horses since we can remember. She constantly plays pretend with her stables of toy farm animals. She also pretends she is puppy and makes her 87 year old grandfather get on the floor to play with her.

Elijah is 14 years old and in the 8th grade at King Philip Middle School in Norfolk, MA. He has many strengths such as a great sense of humor but is socially withdrawn. A social dog would give him confidence to meet new challenges in his daily life

Hi! I’m Olivia and I am so excited to get my social dog! I am a worry wart and now I know what I feel has a name – I have an anxiety disorder. Every day I worry about everything. Even though I love to have fun and play with my friends and learn at school, I worry about people being naughty and unkind words, and unknown things. Sometimes I hide when I worry. My therapist will help me and my dog will help me.

Hi I'm Matte and I'm 9 years old. I'm looking for a way to feel safe and secure. I have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ie Asperger's, ADHD, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I am very fearful of many things such as darkness, loud noises, crowded places, even the outdoors. I have difficulty with self-regulation and control. At school I was teased and didn't enjoy myself. I can often feel anxious and overwhelmed. I have trouble falling asleep and often can't settle my mind. Today I went to NEADS and met a service dog, it was amazing! I really need a service dog to be by my side. I need a friend that will love me all the time just the way I am. I think having a dog will make me feel safe and strong (because I will play with him outside) Please help me with my fund raising so that I can grow, learn, and laugh with my new best friend. Thank you

Because of a rare metabolic disorder, Gabrielle has brain damage which causes balance issues, poor muscle tone, and difficulty with her fine motor skills and speech. A dog would be her friend and help with daily activities. 

Marina needs a puppy to turn itself upside down to help her! Marina had an accident while riding her horse and now needs a dog to help.