Ritamarie Theiler & Capetta

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Hi! I’m Ritamarie Theiler and have long known about the benefit animals bring to our lives.  As a teen, I had surgery to correct scoliosis followed by nine months in a body cast.  During this time I had many dogs, cats and horses who loved me and helped guide me through the recovery.  Without my animals around me, I’m sure this would have been a very depressing and difficult time in my life.  Because of my connection to animals I sailed through recovery and healed well and quickly.  Now I’m a special education teacher for children with autism and want to again rely on the benefit of animals in my life.  I’ve brought a new and exciting tool to my classroom - Capetta, a classroom service dog.  I’ve seen dogs do amazing things for children with autism and expect to see these things in my classroom as Capetta works with my students. However, I need your help to raise the funds to support the organization who provided this amazing dog to my students.