Marina Shelton

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Marina needs a puppy to turn itself upside down to help her! Marina had an accident while riding her horse and now needs a dog to help. 

I would like to have an assistant dog to help me be more independent in my life. I wouldn't always have to ask for help if I drop something or need to reach something. My dog could help me get out of bed, or stand up from sitting, or getting out of my wheelchair or my walker. Although I can walk a little bit with my cane, maybe I can walk more with my dog. My family had a Greyhound named Garrett before my accident that was afraid of my wheelchair; he ignored me. He wouldn't listen to me, even though he listened to my friends. My assistance dog is trained to listen. My own dog will listen, love me and stay with me all the time. He wouldn't leave me to go off and play with other kids that can walk better. He would be my helper and my friend.