Katya Simpkins & Graham

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Katya is a college student. She was born with spina bifida, has had several surgeries including spinal fusion, and walks with crutches. Her goal is to be able to live independently and make a contribution to the world.

Graham is my constant companion and helper. I'm in my second year of college and studying graphic design/web development. While I am able to live in my dorm on my own, Graham makes my life much better. For example, I have fallen several times this past winter getting around the campus. One time no one was there to help me up, but Graham will always be there, giving me more confidence and independence. Because of my small stature and spinal issues, it is hard for me to carry even small loads in a backpack. Graham helps with this. Graham picks up things when I drop them. Being able to bring me my crutches when they are hard to reach is especially helpful. I know as we continue to become a closer team, we will find many other ways to work together to foster my independence. We are special friends.

The actual cost of training a service dog is approximately $25,000. I have been asked to assist in fundraising a portion of this cost by raising $9,500. Please consider making a donation to NEADS in my name in any amount to help sponsor Graham.  Thank you for your kind consideration.

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