Jane Wang

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I am extraordinarily lucky to live a full independent life despite my moderate hearing loss. I have a rewarding professional career as an engineer, lived overseas, traveled often, done so much. My passions include travel, photography, hiking and sports where I often am alone. I have developed a growing awareness of my limitations, as much as I don't let them stop me from living life.

Unfortunately, I came to head with the limitations of my hearing loss. I've missed hearing the arrival of emergency personnel in my building, I've had many scares where I didn't hear something or someone behind me until too late. Most recently, I was recently robbed and held up for several hours at gun point in my hotel room. The police suspect the robber ran up from behind me and with my loss, I never heard him until it was too late.

With NEADS' help, I want to be able to maintain my independence but have a sense of safety that comes with a dog being able to hear with me. I am very excited about the new chapter of my life, having a canine companion to love and cherish, and take to see the world with me.

I hope you take the time to peruse the NEADS site to get an idea of the great work they do and the vast clientele they support. The average cost of raising and training one dog is about $25,000. Please help me not just meet that amount, but exceed it. Many of you have been there for me, across many continents, in so many different stages of my life. I am lucky to have all of you as my support network, so help me help NEADS be able to spare funds to help other people who may not be as fortunate.