Elizabeth Shaw

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Welcome! I am L. Elizabeth Shaw originally born and raised in Portland, Maine. I am 46 years old and have happily worked in medicine and social work even though I have been on full Social Security Disability since the age of 19. I always worked when I could. I now have severe poly peripheral neuropathy; nerve damage in my hands and feet. This is a progressive illness which began with tingling in my toes to now being unable to feel the ground under my feet.

I drop things a great deal often breaking them and find walking unassisted to be something very difficult to do now. A week ago I also had my left big toe and part of that foot amputated. To have an assistance dog would be to have my independence returned to me in a safe way. Now, picking things up from the floor and reaching up are daily tasks that I can no longer accomplish on my own.

I dream of being able to walk just a block or two to the pharmacy or to the park; things which have been shut out to me for nearly two years now. Since April 2008 I have been a virtual shut in as it is not safe for me to try and go out alone and I also live alone. Never have I asked anyone for anything but I ask you now to help me to obtain the help that I need by making a donation toward the cost of my assistance dog. Any and all donations above the amount that I need to raise for my dog will be passed on to someone else in need of the same. I could easily just pass it onto General Funds but I want someone in need such as myself to have the same opportunity as me to have an assistance dog.

Thank You and Please Be Well! ''Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.'' ~Leonardo DaVinci~