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CJ is a 16 year old boy with Mitochondrial Disease. For CJ everyday is a battle. CJ’s mitochondrial disease presents as fatigue, failure to gain weight, short stature, ptosis, hypotonia, muscle weakness and cramping, irritable bowel syndrome, hearing loss, gastrointestinal problems, dysautonomia, migraines, autistic features, mental retardation, developmental delays, vomiting, and nausea. When you have a disease that is not well understood such as mitochondrial disease, it is hard for others to truly understand what you are going through. They may think that you look too healthy to be missing so much school or they misjudge you. You see other kids out playing sports and going to school every day. You wish that you could do that, too, instead of sitting home and resting or taking so many medicines every day. Yet, all you really want to do is be healthy enough to go to school, play outside without getting sick. You're tired of going to the doctors so much and needing to be in the hospital because you don't feel good. CJ’s anxiety makes him uncomfortable entering new situations. Transitions are stressful for him, and he needs extra support for them to be successful. Social situations are also extremely difficult because CJ has trouble interacting with other children and adults.

We are thrilled to have the opportunity for CJ to have a NEADS dog! This dog would help him to feel more secure during transitions, and perhaps be more receptive to new experiences. A NEADS dog can be a constant friend and support during his numerous medical visits. A NEADS dog can be trained to help calm him when he is becoming overwhelmed. CJ’s dog would be his best friend and a comfort to him when he needs to rest instead of doing all those things that most peers and even adults take for granted.

We are trying to raise $9500.00 for this special dog for CJ. We hope that you will help CJ reach his goal.

We would appreciate your support for CJ and NEADS and are most grateful for consideration of such.

Thank You!