Annmarie Choque & Brandy

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I have had moderate to severe hearing loss since birth.  I have always strived to be independent and not have my hearing loss be the driving force of my life.  I am a School Psychologist, so my professional life is dedicated to advocating for children with special needs and supporting their families and teachers. 

I recently divorced and suddenly found myself as a single mother to two young children, ages 5 and 2.  And so my hearing loss presents a new challenge, not just for myself, but for my children who rely on me for their safety.  This is especially difficult at night or when they want to play outside, and I can never be certain that I am hearing all that I need to.  Please help me raise money for my new hearing dog, Brandy.  Brandy will be a great help to me in my large school setting and in the community.  But most importantly,  I will sleep better at night, and my children will enjoy more freedom, with the added security of that extra pair of “ears.”