Foundations for the Future

A New NEADS Client House

NEADS is raising $1,800,000 to build a new client house and revitalize an existing building on the NEADS property. The structure will include fully accessible living quarters and a training facility.

Under the leadership of CEO Gerry DeRoche, NEADS is undertaking the building of a new client house and the rehabilitation of 301 Redemption Rock Trail South in Princeton, Massachusetts. Building this new facility is necessary to keep pace with an ever-growing population of people who require canine assistance. In order to serve our clients, we must expand classroom and training areas, increase the number of client bedrooms and improve client living quarters. It is also essential to accommodate power wheel chairs and children accompanied by parents. In addition, an appropriate area for over-night staff is needed. As NEADS expects to increase client/team capacity by 50% over the next three to five years, the ability to train and house clients is a high priority. This new building, which was designed with client input, will provide:

  • Seven bedrooms, some with adjacent access for care providers
  • One two-bedroom apartment
  • One improved handicapped accessible kitchen
  • Three handicapped accessible baths
  • One training area
  • Two conference rooms
  • One two-story elevator
  • One large meeting area

The exterior goals for this project include:

  • Retaining the cape-style appearance from the street
  • Providing rear access to the building via the NEADS driveway
  • Handicapped accessible pathway to the main facility
  • Welcoming entrance
  • Organized rooflines

See Our Progress! New Client House Slideshow:


Contact Gerry DeRoche or Cathy Zemaitis for more information or a copy of the Foundations for the Future brochure.

Commemorative Naming Opportunities

Building: $300,000 Reserved
The new NEADS Client House will be the centerpiece of the Princeton, MA campus. It will provide much needed learning and living space. The ability to train and house our clients comfortably is a high priority.

The Courtyard Garden: $150,000 Reserved 
This tranquil and relaxing outdoor space will be located just outside the main entrance to the house. It will have arresting stonework, a patio area and plantings.

The Living Room: $125,000 Reserved
The living room is the heart of the new Client House and Training Facility. This high-traffic area will house a small reception space as well as access to the elevator and stairs. The living room will be the “front door” to our new client house.

The Main Kitchen: $100,000
The kitchen will serve as a warm and comfortable space for our clients to gather, and will be accessible for clients and their fabulous new canine partners for cooking, meals and socializing.

Staff Apartment: $75,000
This two-bedroom apartment will consist of living room, galley kitchen, eating area, bath and one closet. The resident of this apartment provides assistance to our clients when they are on campus and ensures that the house maintains good working order.

Training Room: $50,000
The training room is a busy place! Clients and their dogs receive supplemental training here. In addition, the room is used for staff and committee meetings.

Classroom/Conference Room (2): $50,000 each
This new building will provide NEADS with two new classroom/ conference rooms. As our programs and client population continue to grow, these new rooms will provide areas for interaction and learning. In addition, they will provide space to other local organizations in need of a small meeting area.

Elevator: $50,000
This two-story installation will be the life-line for our new client house. It will ease movement between the floors of the house and allow for full accessibility.

Client Walking Path: $30,000 Reserved
This fully accessible path provides a pleasant and smooth walkway from the client house to the Main NEADS building.

Bedrooms (7): $25,000 each
Each bedroom will be designed with our clients’ needs and comfort in mind. Some of the rooms will have adjacent access for care providers and all bedrooms will meet all requirements for full accessibility.

Lobby: $25,000 Reserved
This centrally located space will be the business entrance to the new client house and training facility.

Bathrooms (3): $20,000 each
Each bathroom was designed with input from our clients, and has their comfort and ease of use in mind.

Outdoor Exercise Area for Service Dogs: $10,000 Reserved
Exercise is an important part of any service dog’s daily routine. This outdoor exercise area will give our clients the opportunity to bond with their new service dog as they begin to develop healthy exercise routines for their dog.

Laundry: $5,000 Reserved
The laundry room will enable our clients to stay on our campus comfortably for two weeks of training.